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Originally Posted by Marianna1988 View Post

Sorry, my ignorance is showing. I've never even heard of a mudroom... People have rooms devoted just to shoe and coat storage? We just use closets or those door hanging pouch things in bedrooms. The shoes we wear daily are just by the front door or the entry way if our house has one. At night, if we aren't going o wear them the next day, they go in the bedroom. Jackets go on a hook, sweaters go in bedrooms.
Haha, perhaps mudrooms are a luxury. I wonder if they are more common here in New England? During winter months I really would like a room or little area near the entrance door where we could take off shoes, and prevent dirt and snow from coming into the house.

I really should limit the number of shoes that we keep near the door! Keeping them in bedrooms does sound like a better idea.
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