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Re: Easter baskets What u ladies doing

I'm in the same camp that is finding it a little difficult to get even MORE stuff for my kiddos when they have so much already (and wasn't it just Christmas a couple weeks ago?). I'm pretty sure there are Christmas gifts that have been unwrapped but are still un-played with still in my children's closets. :/

Our big problem/bonus is that both my DH and I have divorced parents so we celebrate every holiday in triplicate (only a couple are quadrupled because my mom lives 8 hours away) - with my dad's side, his dad's side and his mom's side... and then, of course, our own family celebration. So that means a LOT of stuff all the time. We did our own Easter baskets one year but then they also get baskets (full of toys, candy, and spring/summer clothes) from all the other sides of the family - so I'm pretty sure we're not actually doing anything ourselves. (Other than hard-boiled egg decorating and hunting of course - that's the best part!) It's just TOO MUCH.

Which, now that I'm typing it out and realizing it, is a little sad. But a little bit of a sigh of relief too.
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