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Re: Brushing baby/toddler teeth

Originally Posted by DottieHarley View Post
At that age I just gave DD a toothbrush and let her chew on it. While she was chewing I would brush with a second toothbrush - the first kind of acting like a wedge to keep her jaws open (lol).
Now that she is a bit older I have had GREAT luck with a tip I picked up from another parenting forum. I let her "brush" for a minute and then I ask to see "if Elmo did a good job." (He's on the toothbrush). I then gasp and proclaim that Elmo got the monkeys (etc) but "omg he missed a ZEBRA! I have to get the zebra!" With lots of exaggerated gestures and such. She laughs and will open her mouth quite happily!
Great tip. I'm going to try this. FWIW, our dentist said that when all else fails, it is better to pin them down and get the job done rather than not brush teeth - you will not scar them for life by doing that.
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