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Re: Brushing baby/toddler teeth

Originally Posted by BSWmama View Post
Great tip. I'm going to try this. FWIW, our dentist said that when all else fails, it is better to pin them down and get the job done rather than not brush teeth - you will not scar them for life by doing that.
We have only had to do the pin-them-down thing a few times before our kids got the drift. We always give them a choice first - "Do you want to open your mouth for me *demonstrate opening mouth*, or are you going to lay on the floor while I brush your teeth?" *pat floor*. DD is 15 months and even if it gets to the point that I have to ask now, she usually chooses to behave nicely while I brush. Also, you don't need to achieve perfect oral hygiene the first week or so - 5 seconds of brushing while baby stays happy and positive is better than 20 seconds of brushing with a cranky baby at the end. Lengthen brushing time by 5 seconds every night, and make sure you give lots of praise afterwards.
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