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Re: No Mudroom - what to do??

Originally Posted by Marianna1988 View Post
Sorry, my ignorance is showing. I've never even heard of a mudroom... People have rooms devoted just to shoe and coat storage? We just use closets or those door hanging pouch things in bedrooms. The shoes we wear daily are just by the front door or the entry way if our house has one. At night, if we aren't going o wear them the next day, they go in the bedroom. Jackets go on a hook, sweaters go in bedrooms.

The first time I heard of a mudroom was when some Aussie's I know who had lived and worked in the US for about 10 years built a new house here, with a mudroom. A what? But their house is a renovated Victorian mansion with a heritage order on the outside of it, it is IMMENSE, so the mudroom fits in well. And is pretty big, not sure what size they are normally.

But that's not normal for Australian houses, my front door opens directly into a short, open hallway with the lounge about two feet away. And our garage is not accessible from inside the house.

So muddy boots get left outside the front door, coats and jackets go straight back into the bedroom wardrobe or a conveniently placed hallway closet (though that's mostly dh's and my stuff, not the boys). If coat/jackets/umbrellas are dripping they hang up in the bathroom to dry first. My boys have been trained to take their shoes off on the mat, then put them away in their room and put their socks straight into the laundry.

All that said, we don't typically get days in a row when we need boots. So once they have dried off, they live in the garage again till needed. But wet muddy shoes stay outside on the doormat until they can be cleaned up enough to come inside and be dried off by being draped around the lounge somehow....sigh.

Yeah, not a perfect system, but our winters are not extreme so it works for us.
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