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I'm definitely not focused on minimalism (though I feel the same as Amy about most of that). My "style" preferences are not minimalist. I have a huge, ornate, gold framed mirror that goes in the living room. Is it tacky? Yeah. Do I love it? Yeah. I love framed pictures and art. I love fabric hanging on a wall. And so on.

But this forum is great IMO. It inspires me to get rid of the stuff I don't love. The stuff that's piling up because I can't get rid of it for whatever reason. It helps me balance my messy/clutter/collector self. It inspires me to really think about what I want to keep, why I want to keep it, and organize it so it's actually usable.

I've been thinking about and wanting to do this for awhile, but it was having to move again in 3 months that actually got me started. Also, the more times I read that having less stuff means less cleaning and more family time, the more I want to get rid of stuff!
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