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Originally Posted by WinterBaby
Have you checked the OCPT forum? Maybe someone there has good advice for this situation.
In terms of distraction, if she really does have to go and is willing to sit and play for a while, would she finally go?
How much is she drinking? Could you up her fluids a little to see if it's easier to pee then? She might be someone who doesn't have to go often.
Thanks. Yeah have checked the OCPT forum and it does seem there are others in my situation but with no resolution yet. Today she woke up with a dry diaper and didn't pee for an hour and a half after waking. That was 13 hours! Today after nap she didn't pee till right before bed. I did give up and put a diaper on her but she still didn't go. She ended up asking to go on the potty even tho she had a diaper on.

I have decided to remove all distractions and moved the potty from the living room to the bathroom. Also decided that I will stay out of the bathroom as much as possible to not give attention to this crazy game she is playing. I am trying to up fluids but she is on high alert and saying no to everything. Even watermelon!

Just trying to offer fruit as snack and have water and juice out. Is peeing three times in one day even healthy? It's way less than when she was diapered and much less than me!

Thanks for hearing me out be cuz I am going crazy!
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