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Re: Dairy elimination diet

Nightshades are potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers, they are high in alkoloids which can cause problems for some and also cause inflamation. Sweet Potatoes don't count though they are not really considered nightshades.

I hope my baby does not have issues with potatoes bc I have been craving french fries this whole pregnancy.

As for non dairy snacks for me sometimes they have to be fun and imo there is nothing better than a vegan milkshake. I love coconut bliss or any other coconut milk based icecream with usually almond milk and anything I can find laying around the house with some vegan cookies. I go all out!

Some babies have serious issues with tomatoes and tomato sauce too.

With every baby I have had to eliminate dairy. It was hardest my first time but got easier as we go and in turn I tend to stay away from dairy--except when pregnant bc I get visits from my besties Ben&Jerrry!
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