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I don't like snaps! MASSIVE Destash NEW & Used everything, LOTS of great names...

If it's in RED it's SOLD Mercy y'all... I do NOT like snaps and have found that (even after giving it a good go..) I don't like pocket diapers either! Please help me find new homes for these great (just not for me) diapers. I have a ridiculously large stash (gee.. imagine that diaper mamas!) so MANY of these diapers were never even prepped or worn. I will note if there is anything like spots or pilling etc, there's not much in this lot but if there is I will let you know. Please PM me with interest, I'm looking for Paypal so that I can rebuild more in a AIO with Hook & Loop kind of direction. Anything that I DID wash was washed with Rockin' Green. I'm really good to my cloth diapers <3 If you're not savvy with a price (please understand I'm not trying to be too high and I've never owned or sold some of these before and not sure what to ask!) just shoot me a reasonable offer! Free Shipping to US and Canada

Y'all ready? Here we go...

Lil Joeys.. I loved these! Lil man did NOT wear all of them but they WERE all prepped. Available: Red, 2 Dark Blue, 1 Light Blue, 1 Gray still available, 1 gray sold 1 Green ($12 each) Great snap-down feature for the umbilical cord.

Here's a snapshot of the inside.. simply flawless if I do say so myself!

7 Newborn Grovia Diapers in Vanilla. I loved these too.. so squishy and wonderful (except the snaps.. did I mention I hate snaps?) Anyhow.. not all of these were worn by my little man either, just too huge of a rotation. These are in perfect condition as well. ($12 each) They snap down for the umbilical as well.

And the insides... nice and white and ready for a new bum!

Random Diaper Lot 1:
*2 Brand New Cream Pish Posh Applesauce OS Pocket Diapers. Both come with microfiber inserts, these were never washed/prepped/worn. $8 each
*2 Brand New Red Pish Posh Applesauce OS Pocket Diapers. One has an insert (microfiber) one does NOT. $8 for one with insert, $6 for one without.
The Pish Posh Applesauce diapers have NOT been washed/prepped/worn.
*SOLD1 Charlie Banana Pocket diaper with TWO inserts (microfiber) $12

Mixed Lot #2:
Left to Right:
*Pre-owned "Fluff of Enchantment" Pocket diaper without insert. No staining, has white minky inner lining and is waterproof $6
*Orange Thirsties Size Two (9-36mos, 18-40lbs) with two inserts, super sticky hook & loop. $6
*Cowprint Alva Baby OS Pocket Diaper, Yellow Alva Baby OS Pocket, Green Alba Baby OS Pocket Diaper... each $6 (no inserts)
*Wahmies Wetbag $5 sold

X-Small Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers.. super cute.. my lil guy didn't wear these at all. They were prepped though. Each diaper comes with an insert $10 each

Pic of the nice clean insides:

Sunbaby OS Pocket Diapers Lot #1 (No inserts with any of these... ) $5.00 each firm. My baby didn't wear any of these but I did prep them all. They are all perfect with perfect snaps!
Left to Right:
Row 1: Giraffes, Stars, Cars, Jungle
Row 2: Plaid, Dots, Zoo animals

Sunbaby OS Pocket Diapers Lot #2 (No inserts) $5 each firm, as with the first lot, none of these were worn by my baby.. I only prepped them. All in perfect condition.
Left to Right:
Row 1:Little Monster, Jungle Animals, navy Blue Stars, Midnight Blue
Row 2: Dots, Zoo animals, Plaid, Zoo Animals
Row 3: Plaid, Pooh and friends, brown/gray plaid, Little Monsters

Prefolds: Make an offer! There are 8 larger ones and 3 newborn sized ones
All in great condition with no staining.

Inserts: SOLD

My, my... that was exhausting! I hope you can find something you need in this lot and help me clear out. Thanks Mamas!!!

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