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Re: HS Check In March 4-19

Originally Posted by 7mom7 View Post
Lyn1270, another CC question for you. Do you use the timeline cards with your own kids or just when teaching the class? I'm thinking about purchasing them but I'd mainly want them to correspond with the history sentence we are memorizing. Right now memorizing the timeline isn't a huge focus of mine so I wouldn't really use them with regards to the song.
yep....i use the timeline cards. but my kids are little, so we aren't hard core about it. we sing the timeline cards, do the hand motions, and then my boys pick up a card they are interested in. then we read it, chat about it, etc. as they get older, i'll prob do more w/it (my oldest is 8). they like going through the cards.
as for corresponding w/the hx sentence, sometimes the week does and sometimes it doesn't :s just depends.

Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse View Post
I chaperoned DS's prek field trip today. Is it terrible to say that I miss being in a classroom? There are obvious things I don't miss--obnoxious parents who think their children are perfect or those that have unrealistic expectations of their children or the teacher, IEP meetings, mundane paperwork documenting every time anyone sneezes, etc. But, I DO miss the kids. I miss listening to "kid conversations" and helping kids achieve more than they thought they could. I miss managing the choas and getting things accomplished in spite it, the commraderie of other adults who are sharing the same experiences.

I love homeschooling, so I don't want to give that up, but at the same time, I'm tired of being tied to my house (I actually spent the last several days praying that someone didn't die before this afternoon, so the person watching the dc kids didn't cancel for this morning-how pathetic is that?) I think I'm just having a small pity party at the moment.

Oh, and when parking this morning, I hit the prek teacher's car. I've never hit anything before (except deer and they jumped in front of me)! She took it really well-hope that doesn't end up costing too much.

I think I might need to take up drinking!

uggh to hitting the car
and being an ex-teacher, i totally understand missing the classroom. but everytime i think i want to go back, i chat w/a teacher friend, and all the crap comes flooding back.....the IEPs, the other teachers, the HORRIBLE parents (or lack thereof), the meetings...meetings....meetings, and all the other garbage that goes w/it. so, to satisfy my "teacher" craving, I teach Sunday School at church and I'm a tutor at our CC community. it gives me my fix w/o having to deal w/all the garbage that goes w/it.

and yeah....i feel that way about drinking bout every friday

Originally Posted by 7mom7 View Post
I feel this way every Friday for some reason!
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