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Re: Fish help plz

What about salmon patties? I can buy wild caught salmon in the can and then you just mash up the bones and make patties, which I have served on both onion buns (yum!) and wrapped in greens (my fav!). I make a dill mayo to go on it and DH requests it at least once a week. Also, one can (without bread crumbs; trying to avoid carbs) will make about 6 very large patties, so yay for leftovers!

We also like mahi-mahi, which is thick and more like a fish "steak." I know they have it at Costco. It's also wild-caught.

By the way, put out a bowl of white vinegar to help absorb the "fishy" smell. Even after frying fish, the smell is gone by morning.

Good luck!
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