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Re: teaching kids life skills

I can't necessarily speak to the ones exactly you are asking for. But, my husband and I aim to teach our children these "life skills" before they leave our home.

How to do laundry
How to cook simple meals (roast chicken, pasta, etc)
How to read the fine print on a credit card application
How interest on a credit card actually works
What a mortgage is, down payments, interest rates, and fine print
Different types of savings and investments (401k, IRA, Roth IRA, savings account, bonds, stocks)
How to write a resume and cover letter
How to negotiate a car loan or what to look for when car shopping
How to read labels on foods and what ingredients are whole and what are fake
What to do in case of fire, break-ins, earthquakes, etc
How to do basic home maintenance
How to do very basic car maintenance

For peer pressure - I think this will be something that organically comes out in conversation while talking with them and will evolve as they age.
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