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Re: teaching kids life skills

With regards to household chores, I just have them 'help' from a young age. They think it's fun and while it does take longer to accomplish things, I feel that it's important. I try not to be a teacher, just a mom showing my kids what I do.
Most other skills just come up. I see a fire on the news and talk to my kids about it. Same with strangers, bullying, etc. A lot of times I use books, Berenstain Bears has a great book about strangers.
As I teach my kids math, I include lessons on coupons, etc. My kids go shopping with me and we just talk about why we buy something and how to save up our money and spend it wisely. Kids are curious and will ask questions. I try to just answer them simply and honestly. As they get older, I plan on going more in depth with money planning.
My DH is super handy and a mechanic by trade, so he's constantly explaining those things to the kids. He takes the time to show them how things are done and lets them help.
You could try to do lessons but honestly kids retain things better when they are having fun and want to learn. Talk to them constantly about why you are doing things.
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