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Re: teaching kids life skills

We teachthings as I think about them and feel my kids are old enough to do them. Right now, here is where we stand...

12 yr old
clean kitchen (fully, including stoneware and cast iron)
clean the bathroom
few simple dishes (grilled cheese, quesadillas, scrambled eggs, noodles, veggies)
peel and slice raw veggies
weed and harvest a garden (really good at tomatoes and green beans)
make a shopping list for specific meals
follow a recipe
make fudge and bake a cake (including making the frosting)
simple sewing
cross stitch (not sure that is really a life skill)
she's learning to knit
use the phone
research stuff on the internet
ask people for help when out and about
read a menu and order food
shoot a gun (including everything that goes with it, except possibly cleaning it)
read a map
address an envelope

10 yr old
laundry (still working on it, but he's getting there)
fully clean the kitchen (also including stoneware and cast iron)
clean the bathroom
reheat food
fix himself a sandwich
read a map
make local calls (not sure he knows about dialing a 1 before the area code on a regular phone)
research stuff on computer
read a menu and order
ask for help when out and about

Just turned 6 yr old
unload the dishwasher and partially load
sweep a floor (with help)
put laundry away

They can all 3 dust and clean their rooms. They can all take care of a dog or cat (including cleaning the litter box). The youngest is now getting started on learning more about the computer. I haven't done enough with the younger two in many areas, though somewhat the youngest just isn't ready. This summer we are going to start working more with DS (the 10 yr old) on cooking basic things. He is quite timid about the stove.
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