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Re: Treatments for spasticity?

My friend's son has one of the less common forms of cerebral palsy and has spasticity in his legs that has been getting worse. They did serial casting and botox. There was improvement with botox but he was deteriorating before they could get more appointments. He did have a weird nerve reaction to one of the injections. He did serial casting a few times. There was some improvement but not much and one time he got blisters so they had to remove them. He just got a surgery on his muscle nerves. He had it a few days ago and is still healing so time will tell. They are hoping he will be able to put his feet flat again. He used to be really close to walking then he really went downhill. He knee walks right now and that doesn't help. I'm not his mom so this is just a overview but I can ask her for more details if you want.

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