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Re: Is this normal

Honestly I would cut back on pumping until you are doing it max once per day. It's awesome to have a freezer stash but it sounds like you have tricked your body into producing for quads or triplets. I can't imagine that you will be comfortable long term not to mention when your baby starts sleeping longer stretches you won't be able to enjoy it because you'll feel like you are exploding at two hours plus your child won't be able to adequately empty you (a typical breastfed baby usually won't drink more than 4 oz. at a time) so your dependant on the pump as well. Not to mention being set up for mastitis.

I had to EP for my DD and had an oversupply which was fine when I was pumping exclusively but when I switched back to BFing her I was uncomfortable and had a hard time getting away from the pump. I also ended up with mastitis. also I was tired because my baby was sleeping 6 hour stretches but I got so uncomfortable at 4 hours I'd have to pump. So a LC encouraged me to stop pumping she said my body would adjust to my baby's demand. She said I'd be uncomfortable but to just tough it out and my breasts would adjust. It took a week but I can sleep the same stretch as my DD and my breasts are not rock hard boulders when I wake up. In your case since your supply is so huge it might take you a month to get it down by gradually decreasing.

I hope I haven't offended you but that's what I would do in your situation.
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