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Re: We have to get induced tomorrow:(

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
I was induced this time, also with an unfavorable cervix. I was only 1cm, thick and very posterior. I was given 2 doses of Cervadil and my squish was born less than 24 hrs after we started. No Pitocin needed. I had IV access but was never hooked up to anything. Natural birth with a tiny tear (2 stitches) because she was born so quickly. It was a really good induction.

If your cervix is unfavorable, I'd request to start with Cervadil to help ready it. Starting with Pitocin will just make your labor longer and harder.
No my cervix IS favorable so they would not give me Cervadil, they would just go right to oxytocin because the cervix is ready.

I have my first dose of labour cocktail at 8:30 this morning and if nothing happens then stress test at hospital at 1:00pm then home for a second dose of cocktail... The cramps and bathroom trips are in full swing-my babies just don't want to leave I tell you!
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