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Re: Is this normal

It was just a suggestion, you mentioned your breasts are uncomfortable and pumping 6 times a day on top of breastfeeding on demand is a whole heck of a lot of pumping. Most people who EBF don't pump at all or very rarely unless they work. For example I pumped 10-11 times a day for my DD without any breastfeeding and I ended up with an oversupply. You are pumping almost that much plus feeding on demand. So it was just my opinion that you might cut back but if you are happy with your routine then stick with it.

Eta: perhaps I am also projecting my experiences on you because I hated to pump and had issues with transitioning away from it. If you like your routine and dont mind the pump then that is all that matters. A lot of women have supply issues so you are blessed to be able to provide so much milk.
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