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Originally Posted by 1healthylady
I'm a bit jealous. From someone who didn't take advantage of the oversupply in the beginning. I'm down to 7oz frozen at 6 months. Keep it up!! But like PP said, lay your bags flat to save space. I saw someone else on here recommend using a gift bag in the freezer and it has worked for me. just cut a slit out of the bottom so that as you stack your new bags in the top to freeze you can easily pull the oldest bags from the bottom.
Agree with this! I think I saw this gift bag idea on you tube! It worked great! I was a bit oversupply in the beginning and I pumped one side and fed baby on the other but it all even out by 3 rd month now I pump only in the morning and have 6-8 oz to freeze. As long as baby is happy and gaining weight. U should be ok.

I took over my whole freezer with stored breastmilk lol. Over 200 bags for me maybe... Lost count

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