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Re: November 2013 due daters :)

Originally Posted by tabitha84 View Post
I'm not super crafty. I've made a couple diapers and crocheted some woolies in the past but none of them actually ended up working out for my boys. So I probably won't make anything for this one. I don't need a project to add more stress to my schedule anyway.

I've had some mild cramping, sore boobies, and I a twing of the first sign of nausea today. I did break down and buy 2 walmart cheapies, just to see if I can get a darker line. I'll post a pic tomorrow after test with FMU.

I think I already said this, but I'm planning to use flats and thirsties duos. Super cheap and easy to wash! I'm going to be all about cheap and easy another kid to take care of. I feel like it's gonna be crazy.

Oh, so I am going to my mom's house tomorrow. Should I tell her? I can't decide. I also like the idea of it being our little secret for a while. But, I already told my sister and she pointed out that if mom ever found I told my sister way before her, she would be offended. I don't really care if she knows, but we for sure aren't telling any other family for at least two more weeks, probably longer. Maybe I'm kinda worried she'll accidentally spill the beans before we're ready. Well, we'll see. Maybe when I'm around her tomorrow I won't be able to resist.

How's everyone feeling?
I totally understand not wanting to add anymore stressful projects. Knitting is my stress relief for me but anything else crafty kind of stresses me. Did you tell your mom?

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I'm here

Originally Posted by homebirthmom View Post
im out ladies. tests just kept getting lighter over 2 weeks. best wishes to you all!!
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<3 Adding another to our little family in November <3
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