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I can't breathe either!!! Ugh! And the crampy feeling with back pain is getting worse. Still nothing consistent though. Plus I feel like my cervix is "achy", KWIM?

I'm still surprised all the stress with DH hasn't sent me in to labor. He seems genuinely regretful. He's told me everything and let me go through all his electronics and accounts (without deleting things, some things he forgot were there, he never deletes anything thank goodness), answered all my questions without getting defensive (99% of the time anyway). He says all he wants is to be happy with me again and to work on us. He's agreed to sever all contact with the other women. I think we're going to try counseling. After a rollercoaster 3 days, I've decided that I still love him and I want to fight for our marriage. He understands it'll be a long process complicated by a new baby, but based on his behavior so far I'm cautiously optimistic we may be able to eventually get past this. What awful timing...

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