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Re: TB testing, do you really need it?

I have had the test as well because I have worked in the Health care field. It isn't anymore painful that a shot, but kids resist that stuff as it is. I don't feel this test is necessary unless there are definate reasons to be concerned, for instance, if I had had a previous positive test I might be more apt to have my DD tested just to make sure that I did not expose her to it. But if you have no reason to believe you have been exposed then there should be no reason to test. As far as getting the waiver, I would just discuss it with your Dr and see if he/she will sign off that your child is not at risk and does not need the test. If you go in informed about the risk factors that make it a good idea to test and say my child does not have any of these risk factors, then you have a valid case and hopefully the Dr will agree that it is not necessary.
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