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Re: Okay, back to work 2mrw, how does this milk storage bag thing work?

Good luck. I would do fresh if you can--just easier

As for frozen-- like others said pull it out the night before. I always put the bags into another container JIK there is a leak so I don't waste anything. They are thawed by morning. I usually make the bottles up so they are ready.

As for how much-- that will take some adjustments at first since every baby is different.

I went back to work when DD was 8 weeks. It took some tweeking but she takes 3 3.5oz bottles while I am gone. Daycare has it down so that she takes her last bottle and then is ready to eat when we get home. For me that is one less pumping session.

Since you are only gone 5 hours--if you feed right before you leave the baby may only eat once (3 or 4 ounces) and then be ready to eat right when you get home. Personally I would aim for that so you don't have to pump as much.
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