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Originally Posted by HotPotato1010 View Post
I have an Ameda Purely Yours. It's a great pump, easy to use and clean the parts, assemble, etc. It has a strong suction. It came with a car adapter to plug it in my car. I used a hands-free bra which was essential. The only problem was that the pump was so good that it blew the fuse in my car. Maybe go with a manual pump?...

For storage, it depends on how long the milk has to be out. The CDC gives some detailed guidelines HERE. I would get a cooler, some ice packs, and breastmilk storage bags. It's easier to keep the milk cold if it lays flat in a bag. You can lay the ice packs on top of the bags of milk.
I have the same pump(haven't used it yet. Waiting for our lo) but you can also use batteries in it. I got mine from ameda's website and it was a lot cheaper($100-150)!!!
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