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Re: August 2013 Weekly Chat ~ March 10-16

If I had to pick one thing...that we probably won't be able to would be a King size bed. We bedshare and it would be nice to have that extra space. But I don't even know if that will fit in our new place or not. On the practical side....I would love a woven wrap but I will only see about that after the carseat and cloths are shopped for (if this is a girl we will need new cloths).

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
Sorry for the double post!

I have a question. If you are finding out the sex of your baby, and you find out you have had that gender before and have things left over from them, when are you planning on taking that stuff out?

I got into my son's newborn to 6 month size box yesterday but I am feeling a bit funny asking DH to bring it upstairs because I am only 19w 4d. I am more curious as to what I have so I know what I need and what really should have been thrown out.

So am I nesting early?
I know pretty well what we have from DS...but that is b/c I just got done organizing and packing all of it less than six months ago (when we moved). I have them all washed, folded, and in nice organized tubs by size. I am sort of a nut when it comes to keeping that stuff nice and neat. MOST of his stuff is VERY "boy" and couldn't really be used for a girl. But things like pants/jeans can easily swap for a girl so that will be good.

I will be more interested in going through our cloth to see what I want/need to replace. I know I need more covers for the under crawling age range. We never had enough with DS so I was always hand washing the covers throughout the day. And I have some really cheap pockets I want to get rid of and replace with new Sunbabies or perhaps some of my own creation.

I will be going through that stuff right when find out so that I can put word out to family what we want/need. If it is a boy I am okay with using all DS's stuff since it is not "out of style" and all of it held up really well with no stains. We have a GN swing/moby/ergo/etc so I don't have to replace that stuff. We do want a new pack-n-play though...DS spilled water in his and the cardboard support in the bottom is all warped.
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