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Re: March Farm/Homesteading Chatter

doublinup, I have an old portable garage we've converted to a green house with raised beds inside, my seedlings are going in there (the ones I've started right now), I wanted them to be nice big plants when I plant them late April. I'll start the stuff for the garden in early April since I won't be planting them until Memorial Day.

Seriously considering meat birds, or maybe geese? Or maybe a pig if I can get one for a decent price. I have to be careful of when things will need to be butchered (and with my spending) until september since we're going on vacation in august.

Speaking of August, I'll be getting done at work August 1st (i'm upset my nurse manager isn't even hiring for my position and not even thinking about it. It typically takes 2 months after hire to get oriented, he really should think about advertising the position and interviewing). I'll still be on the per diem list to fill in when people are sick or on vacation but nothing set. The money I make right now mostly goes to debt and the vacation (I get 25% of my income put in my 'farm and friends' fund tho. I used a bunch of it for a date with DH the other nite, with 4 kids babysitters are expensive $10/hr so we don't usually go out, unless I have the funds. The rest is going to the other half of my nuc colony and the beehive/supplies), I take one paycheck a month (I get paid twice a month) and put it on our credit card and the other in the savings. Though my next paycheck will get sent to the State of Maine IRS, we owe $410 in state taxes).

Can't wait for warmer weather, tired of the $600/month fuel bill too!

RJ6Mommy: man, I thought I wanted to collapse after 12.5 hours in the ER (it was two very busy 12 hour shifts but still), but I think i'd die if I had your schedule, I'd never get to see DH. We're lucky because he works shift work and I'm only part time so we get days off together or at least a few hours most days of the week. I have 4 girls but my oldest is the only one in sports and she only does soccer which is a fall sport. Nest year DD#2 will be starting sports as well so it'll get a little crazier.
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