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Re: What is fourth baby like?

#1 was high needs, intense nursling, didn't STTN until 2 1/2 years, rather contrary, and definitely strong-willed. At 14, he is pretty laid-back, and a joy to be around. A very hard adjustment for DH and I from 0 children to 1.

#2 was *very very* strong-willed, but much easier nursling, slept better, but didn't STTN until almost 2 years. At 11, she is very persistent, mostly pleasant, and very creative. A hard adjustment from 1 child to 2.

#3 was a very sweet, if higher-needs baby. She was very attached to me and only me, and wanted to be on me (in a wrap was ok, as long as she was on me) for a loooong time. I think she had some undiagnosed sensory issues that affected her behaviour/emotional development. She is strong-willed, but not as much as her older siblings. At 8, she is creative, compassionate, and thoughtful of others. A hard adjustment from 2 to 3.

#4 was a laid-back baby, good nursling, pretty good sleeper, and generally very happy personality. At 5, he is still pretty happy, but has a tender spirit and feels things deeply. He is pretty feisty, and loves to stir things up in the family. A very easy adjustment from 3 children to 4.

#5 was not an easy baby. She is extremely fussy about her environment, was not a good nursling or sleeper, needed to be held tightly but did not want to be held at all (if that makes any sense). She is still pretty contrary, and generally is rather... hard to get along with. Thankfully, she can be very sweet (when she wants to be), and is super cute. An easy adjustment from 4 children to 5.

I'm hoping that #6 is easy-going and happy.
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