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Originally Posted by ericanicole1111
Thank you so much ladies! My first day went well. I nursed her right before we left in the morning, she ate 5oz with my mom, and I nursed her as soon as I got back.

I never knew freezing could kill some of the nutrients so will def be doing fresh as much as possible now. & I believe I read from Dr Sears that after the 8 days if fridge you can move to freezer?

Love, love, love breastfeeding and so thankful it is working out so easily for me
I really don't think it will last 8 days in the fridge then you can freeze. I think it is best to freeze it immediately if your going to freeze it at all. I think 3-4 days in the fridge is max.

Also a tip to tell your mom would be to check the zip seal right before heating to make sure it is locked. And when she puts it in the water drape the zipper end of the milk outside the bowl or sink.

Congrats on ur baby and breastfeeding it is wonderful
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