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Re: Plesase Help - Need to Increase Supply asap

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
Have you had your pump checked? There are parts inside of them that can wear out, especially with frequent use like you're doing.

Also check out this link:

Hands on pumping will help you get more from each pump session.
This really does make a difference.

Originally Posted by evasimone View Post
You could do a power pump every night for 3-7 days. A power pump is where you pump 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off for an hour. It mimic cluster feeding and signals your body to produce more. I power pumped for a whole week and increased my output substantially.

I also ditto what the previous poster said about checking your pump parts. If they haven't been replaced in 8 months they could be a huge culprit.
What a fantastic idea.
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