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Re: EPO and RRL tea

its a tonic that works over time so starting anytime with a cup here and there is good, but i would get serious with drinking it first 2 x/day from around 30 weeks, then up to 3 x/day at around 34-36 weeks. make sure you have the leaf, not just raspberry tea!

EPO oral and topical...i used barleans bc of their reputation for purity/expeller pressed, etc, but im sure there are other options.

i dont think these things can make stuff too too fast- your body decides that ultimately! trust your instincts to tell you when its time to go to the center...with my first my OB was yelling at me that with my first kid my labor would be AT LEAST 12 hrs, i hung up the phone and said hell no, theres a baby about to come out of me, and left for the hospital. barely 2 hrs later she was out! with my second kiddo, my mw didnt even want to check my progress bc she said she could tell from talking to me- i told her no, really, its happening, and turns out i was 7 cm!
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