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Re: HS Weight Loss Thread- March

Originally Posted by lyn1270 View Post's all good i supposed. not losing any wt....boohiss...but i've done yoga 3x this week, so i'm happy w/that. I remember back to when I did yoga 5x or more each week and worked out and was in SUCH good shape...sigh....yeah...pre-kids. now it's just so hard to squeeze it in. anyway, i realized what terrible shape i was in and it's a smidge depressing. but onward and upward right????
Yeah, it's so true that if you don't use it you lose it!

Well, today has gone well as far as food choices. I had to take DS2 to the doctor and it took much longer than expected so I was starving by the time we got out. The old me would have hit a drive through on the way home but I restrained myself...small victory! I haven't done any exercise this week but I really need to get back to it! When DH is home we don't follow any type of schedule and the days just fly by. I've GOT to make time for it!
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