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Re: EPO and RRL tea

Usually EPO isn't recommended until full term. My doula went ahead and suggested 36 weeks even though I was going to wait until 37... but that's really the earliest I would ever start that.

With DD, I took it orally and it did nothing. I think I started at like 37 weeks and at 40, I went into labor thick and closed. A friend of mine took it orally from 36-38 weeks and was 1cm and sorta effaced at first and went into labor at 1cm and like 50% effaced. I am only doing vaginally this time - you don't have to stick a needle or anything in it - just input it as high as you can and it will dissolve. You need to wear a liner to bed (do this at bedtime), and you might need to wear a liner in the morning, depends on your body, etc.

Red raspberry leaf tea is safe for your entire pregnancy - it does not induce you. It only helps to tone your uterus. You can start it at any point. I started drinking a cup of Earth Mama's 3rd trimester tea with RRL in it at 32/33 weeks. At 36 weeks, I've increased my consumption to 2x a day. At 37 or 38 I'll go to 3 cups a day. When you start labor, my doula suggests 2 tea bags steeped in a 1/2 cup of water every hour to help with labor, but we'll see about that.
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