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Re: Laid back nursing?

Laid-back breastfeeding, biological nursing, or baby-led breastfeeding are newish terms for something we have "discovered" lol, about our baby human mammals. We used to think our babies were dorsal feeders, that they needed to be on their backs. But as we looked to other mammal babies, we wondered if these helpless human babies could be more like their mammalian counterparts regarding instinct and reflexes -- other mammals don't need lactation consultants. As we studied the reflex responses humans are born with, we discovered these engae bet when baby is on his or her tummy, so we are actually stomach feeders (like almost all mammals). When a baby is on his or her tummy, there are close to 20 reflex responses that kick in to help the baby either get to the breast, latch to the breast, or transfer milk. Think about a baby on his or her back and how they startle -- it is not the position they are most comfortable with.

I have issues with this video clip -- optimally we lay the baby between the mom's breasts, skin-to-skin, and allow the baby to choose what side to go to. I don't know if they left the mom's shirt on, for modesty? but skin-to-skin helps the baby's reflex responses kick in better. You do get the idea about how the positioning goes anyway:

I have a ton of very pricey videos I have purchased that still, to me, do not show what I wanted families to see (Suzanne Colson, where the clip comes from, and another one by Kitty Franz and Christina Smillie, and a few others). I was so unhappy with them all I actually just made my own with my sister and her baby, and that's what I show in my classes. Even on youtube I can't find anything I like, plus I hate the side-bar clips that are usually ****ography-related.

It makes sense, and many IBCLCs will agree we have overcomplicated how we have taught breastfeeding byt saying, this is the this hold, and you have to hold your baby just like this, and basically making it procedural, step-by-step instructive thing versus letting the baby actually use the skills they are born with -- they are not helpless if they are put into a position where they can access those sequenced behaviors.
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