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When my lo was born, his latch was poor. He was sleepy the first night that I had to wake him to eat...then he started sucking non stop even thou I didn't have much milk/ colostrum. He kept sucking and as soon as I take him off, he would cry. He would be on the boob all day from 7am to 1pm then all night cluster feeding. I napped 1-2 hours total within the first 3 days after giving birth.

What kept me saint was the side laying position to nurse him. I could relax and nap a little bit while nursing him. I continue to keep lo near for the next month coz he ate every 2-3 hours. Very lack of sleep but doable.

I had invited every nurses who took care of me in the post partum unit to check my "latch on" position. With latch on mastered, breastfeeding has been easy.

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