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I was terrified of nursing my second(I ep'd 4yrs with my first), so I wanted to be super prepared!
I made a list that I brought to the hospital of several different IBCLCs, one that I had met a couple of times during pregnancy. I also had a list of the local LLL leaders numbers.

I bought a sns "for emergency" and had pumped colostrum frozen during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I never had to use any of this!

I brought a nursing pillow to the hospital with me.

I also insisted many, many, many times that I nurse my baby as soon as actually possible. I was soo happy, that despite an emergency c/s due to fever, I was still able to nurse in recovery! This made the difference to me.

No pacifiers/bottles, I did have pain and a silly baby that did not want to open enough when latching that led to even worse pain..but I persisted with amazing help from lll and we got it worked out.

Just tell yourself you can do it! I am so grateful for the beautiful nursing relationship I have with my 19mo. I would not trade it for anything.
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