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Re: What's the longest your postpartum bleeding lasted?

This happened to me with my last baby. With my first four, I bled for five to seven weeks, then was done. I did have spotting on and off for the last couple weeks or so, but it was completely over by around week seven.

Then with my fifth, I bleed on and off for three months. I found it particularly strange because I'd have *NO* blood/lochia for one or two weeks, then start spotting again. It was almost as heavy as a period, but only last a day. I seriously thought I started my period, even though I usually enjoy lactational amenorrhea for at least a year, but it was just spotting. My midwife said it was normal. It did eventually stop, and hasn't returned. Dd is 7 months old now, so I'm confident that it wasn't an early period, just weird spotting.
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