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Re: Do i keep pumping?

7 months in... I pumped a ton when i was maternity leave. Making 12-20oz each pump. Fast-fwd to 5 month pp and I had a terrible issue with blocked ducts due to all the milk I was making. My baby was also slow gaining weight from the hind/foremilk imbalance. If I could go back I'd pump just as often for less time. I stopped the extra pumping at 4m pp and only pumped when I was away from the baby, with the exception of a morning pump... and my baby started gaining so much more weight. I even gained so much more time in the day. I have a FULL deep chest freezer of milk and I'm sort of grateful for it but then again, I'm scared to take from the freezer and not replace with the same amount of milk. Using the freezer supply is a slippery slope that may lead to a lower supply. I should mention, everyone is different.

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