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Wow, I hadn't seen any of the replies since my last post! Thank you for the bread recipes! I will have to check them out this weekend.

Thanks for the encouragement on the pickiness. She is now three, and doing so much better than a year ago. When it was the difference between eating and not, I still catered completely. She jumped two clothing sizes in a month when she was put on pediasure, so I know she was not getting enough calories. With PDD-NOS there are tons of sensory issues, and true food aversions are pretty common. We have had a lot of success by putting very small portions in front of her with only one food she does not love on her plate. We have been able to get her to eat a much bigger variety this way. She hates plain rice, but when it's mixed with a crock pot meal (teriyaki chicken, pepper steak, orange chicken, really any that has a sauce) she will eat it very well. She still gets half a pediasure twice a day, but her eating has improved a lot even in the last month. I think switching to GF was just an adjustment for everybody as we ate a lot of pasta, sandwiches, and English muffins (with cream cheese, butter if they were flavored, or the favorite, as mini pizzas) before. They also love crackers.

I guess my point was true food aversions aren't just pickiness. I have a food aversion to mushrooms, and if a accidentally eat one I involuntarily wretch. I'm also not going to go into food battles, they are pointless. I offer the food and encourage them to take one bite, and that's it. Really soup and plain meet are the only things that are always ignored, so I just don't go there.

Thanks again for all the ideas! We have a few lunches that seem to work, and everybody is more happy now.
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