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Re: Help for a friend

I'd maybe also try to pump some so that she or dad could give a bottle maybe once or twice a day. I've been battling oversupply issues and letdown has been quite painful, but passes. Also, now at 5, almost 6 weeks, I'm not having as painful letdown and not so sore nipples. My pediatrician suggested pumping and having dad give a bottle once a day to give me a little extra sleep! (she nursed and pumped for 3 kids while working, so it's not like she's trying to shove formula on anyone, just knowing a well rested mama makes for a happy mama). Is she using lanolin? Can she ask her pediatrician or nurse from their office to check her latch- sometimes a medical professional is more comfortable to see your lady parts than a friend. Try a nipple shield? Does she have anyone helping her with her other 2 kids? maybe some alone time with newborn may offer her a little extra rest and not having the distraction or stress of keeping up with another 2. My hospital also offers to have LC see you when you deliver - I saw someone about 3-4 times in hospital to make sure I was doing things right and we were getting a good latch. I can also call them anytime for questions and advice (have done so twice about oversupply already). I'm sure if I really needed it, I could go see them at hospital in their office with baby if there was no one else I could see/get advice from. I'm just trying to think of anything I can! Hope she gets some relief and enjoys it soon. I know I love when things go well and we have a peaceful session and just cuddle afterwards. good luck.
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