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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More February

You didn't kill the thread...I actually held off posting b/c it seemed like everybody had a lot of emotional & regular life stuff going on & needed a breather.

I had my retrieval this morning. They had wanted to hold off until tomorrow or Saturday, but my estrogen go too high & they had to do it today. I don't mean to be ungracious, but they "only" got 8 eggs (they got 14 before & I put 2 back & had 2 to freeze) & I won't know anything else until tomorrow. They used Betadine prep today (woohoo for no firecrotch!), but I'm in a little more abdominal discomfort than I was last time. Oh, and they ordered progesterone injections (in addition to the Crinone) that DP will have to shoot me with. She's nervous, which makes me nervous; should be great They'll let me know tomorrow when to come back for the transfer...fx that they can put back 2 again!
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