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Re: Food Sensitivity or not?

Could just be a fussy baby . They make those, you know. I don't read anything that sends up a red flag. One thing about swaddling -- it isn't meant for every baby as it tends to "shut down" babies. There are also studies that link swaddling to overheating, SIDS, hip dysplasia and even other illnesses, as well as early swaddling interferring with breastfeeding.

BUT, when you have a fussy baby, this can be a very real tool if it works for you, calms your baby, and helps you guys adjust and get by! So, are you sure you are swaddling tightly enough? I know I pretty much disagree with the whole philosophy FOR A HAPPY, NON-FUSSY INFANT, but have you watched Dr. Karp's video? He does a good job of showing effective swaddles.

I know I am all kinds of two-sides here, but there have been many studies that show it isn't what babies were meant to do (do other mammals swaddle their young?). So routinely I don't advise it, but when push comes to shove and you are in coping-mode, you have to do what works.
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