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Can low supply be a genetic issue?

I'm due April 1 and haven't started nursing yet. I read about it a little each day because my mother had to discontinue nursing me around 6 months due to low supply. I really want to nurse for at least 6 months if not far longer, because I've read studies that show it will help delay or prevent Celiac disease for my son. (My mom doesn't have the disease, which came from my dad's side, so she had no immunities to pass on to me.)

Anyway, recently my mom sent me a journal that she wrote when I was an infant. Several of the entries talk about breastfeeding, including comments from my grandmother about me not getting enough milk, still being hungry etc. The most surprising thing, however, was my mother's mother apparently tried to breastfeed all nine of her children but couldn't do it for long due to low supply.

I'm of two minds. On the one hand, if they both had issues, could it just be poor genetics? I mean, if I know that going in I could be prepared. I know there are ways to boost supply. On the other hand, could it just be misinformed guidance from pediatricians not understanding the growth curve for breastfed babies?

Have any of you experienced having two or more generations try and fail with extended nursing?
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