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Re: Can low supply be a genetic issue?

Educate yourself before delivery. Find a good IBCLC before as well. It's always good to make a plan in advance. Know what's normal and what is not.

If you are breastfeeding to prevent celiac, you should be gluten free yourself. Gluten does not pass through breastmilk. Gliadin is the breakdown product of gluten and what we react to. That DOES pass through breast milk. Also avoid any formula if at all possible. 1 formula feed can forever change the gut flora of an infant.

Celiac is way under-diagnosed. Don't think it isn't in your family too. My YDD was diagnosed at 2 yrs 9 months. At that time we had no known family history. Since then, my mother, both sisters, mother in law, 2 of father in laws sisters, me, my sister in law and my sisters nearly 4 yr old have all been diagnosed. I also have several cousins on every side who have not had formal diagnosis of celiac, but have had issues resolved by going gluten free. There are also a couple family members with IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Juvenile Diabetes who refuse to be tested despite being informed of the link with Celiac disease. My DS2 is in a study to see if GF x 1 yr will prevent/delay onset of Celiac and I hope to enroll DS3 as soon as Dr. Fasano is settled in Boston.
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