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Re: Montessori families

Our school and teachers are Montessori certified so i don't understand them not being certified. We were rather focused on cost because two kids in private school is flat out expensive. We also asked about ratios (which haven't exactly been stuck to), meals (we provide lunch daily with the exception of Pizza Day and snack for the whole class once a quarter) extras and their costs (our school offers art $11 wk, Chinese $10wk, piano $12wk , recorder $5 wk, swimming $16wk , band $8 wk, and drama $5wk all at an extra cost) Playtime out side was also important, but was lower on the totem than classroom set up.

We chose the less expensive after looking at 3 schools. The first school is 1 mi away from home and outside looking in is best hands down. They have an amazing outside play area with great musical instruments out side, play houses, slides, games, and rock beds for climbing. It looks great. All the building are red "school houses" to house two classes each. They provide classes to 3-14yo children in Primary, Lower Elem, Upper Elem, and Middle School. Food was provided, and there were tons of extra curricular activities to choose from. The price is $10,000 a year from each child may-aug.

The second school is 5 mi from us, $5600 a year for each child may-aug but at this time is only providing primary and it will be two years before they add lower elem and 5 before they add upper elem. I didn't like that they were so new and I didn't want to risk something happening and them not adding the higher classes.

The 3rd school (the one we chose) is 2.5 mi away. It has 3 primary classes with 9:2, 13:2, and 15:2 ratios (originally was 8:2, 12:2, and 12:2) The playground is modest, with two swings, a climber, a metal bars climber, a ball game thing, and tetherball along with space to play soccer. They offer a few different choices for extra curriculars at an extra cost. The director is also a teacher (so we dont pay for someone to just sit in a office) This school also had you do a preview day where the student goes to an entire day of school so they can see how it works. Cost is $5250 for the first and $4750 for each after for may-aug. This averages out to half what the first school was asking and I don't feel that what they have to offer is work double the tuition.

I don't know how many Montessori's you have to choose from but here, although we have 3 so close, it was a no brainer for us which one to go with. The expensive one face value has more to offer, but they didn't have a good feel to us and were so much more expensive I just couldn't go there.
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