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Re: Lil Shamrocks - It's MARCH! (chat thread)

What the **** why am I still pregnant!?!? I have been walking around 4cm 75% for 2 weeks. I am ready to cry I am so tired of being pregnant. I need my baby out so I can get on with life and start taking my meds again. I keep telling it to come out so we can give it hugs and kisses but it's not listening already

I have had bloody show all week until today, been hiking 1-2 miles a day, taking 5w and EPO, pushing pressure points, and eating pineapple. What else? I need to have more sex I am having MW strip my membranes at my 38 week on Monday. I asked her about if she'd ever accidentally broke water and she said no- that makes me feel better.

Not to mention that I pulled a muscle in my stomach which burns every time I do anything, my ankle still feels like s*** from being sprained, and I have a huge bruise and scrape on my thigh where the animals at work hit me on Tuesday.

OK I think this rant is over for the moment
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