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Re: Can I take the combination pill while breastfeeding an 18 month old?

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
Nuvaring is supposed to be "safer" for BFing because it is Progestin only. The combination pill also has Estrogin which is what causes the mass decrease for most women as it counter acts prolactin.

Naturally prolactin reduces the production of estrogen and increases progesterone and oxytocin. This stops ovulation for many women. Hence the old wives tale you cannot get pregnant while BFing. Some women make enough estrogen to still ovulate or at least have anovulatory cycles. Adding more estrogen from the pill tells the brain to make new babies and not produce for exsisting one by conflicting with prolactin verses estrogen in the body.
I'm not sure who told you it was progestin only but that is false

right from their website NuvaRing contains 2 types of hormones (estrogen and progestin), which work together to prevent your ovaries from producing mature eggs. These are the same hormones found in the pill, and they work the same way in your body even though they are administered differently with NuvaRing.
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