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Re: Doulas X post

I love it . I am on hiatus aas baby is due in the next month, but I know it is always something I will do to some extent in my life. I first became a LLL Leader. Then I decided I wanted to be a doula. A few years after that I became a Lamaze-certified Childbirth Educator. I love it all!

And these skills will never be wasted -- it's not like getting a degree in math and then staying home with your kids, kwim? (I hate math, lol). The nurturing aspect of it really is an extension of being a mom, with just applying those principles to women on that day of their unique experience of birth. The thing about birth is, it's a day when you work hard. There are days when we play, days when we have to re-roof the house, days when we are sick, days when we get to go to the parade. The day you have a baby is a day of hard work. No one can do this for the mama, but she doesn' have to be alone while she does it.

Feel free to stay in touch or ask any questions.
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