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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

unless the child really has trouble relaxing enought o go potty, esp. at night, I don't see the point of doing the potty thing while nursing. It may depend upon the child as mine couldn't seem to focus on both. So I stopped nursing and went to the potty, then started when he was able to focus again. You are perfectly describe how a baby can signal needing to potty while nursing. One other thing that may happen is biting. Mine bit when only 2-3 weeks old so bad I ended up bleeding. Some would think the child is teething or being mean, so I wish more moms knew that a child may have to potty while nursing that's why the child is biting or being nursing. I hate to think how many parents get frustrated with their child, or feel like something's wrong with them or their milk, all due to the child just needing to go potty.
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