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Update: Bad News...Possible 3rd Miscarriage... TMI

First of all I have very erratic periods, never on a schedule, sometimes I skip a month even. It had been awhile so I took a HPT on March,6 and it was positive. The next day I started bleeding, not terribly bad and it didn't feel like a miscarriage (no blood clots, no excessive bleeding, and no cramping) I've had 2 Miscarriages in the past so, I know what to expect. I waited a few days and took another test on March,10 and that was also positive ( I have also had a history of false positives, I've been on clomid,and another drug to regulate my cycles and TTC in the past, none recently though). Anyways, followed up with my Midwife, I am to have my blood drawn twice before my appointment on thursday to check my levels. I had my blood drawn yesterday and the next time is on Monday. I'm still bleeding, and now I'm fearing the worst . I can't believe I am going through this again.

March 16: Today I passed tissue... Looks like it happened again. Thankyou so much for your kind thoughts everyone.
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