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Need help from those with experience in severe feeding problems

My son is finally willingly opening his mouth for food and loves the yummy snack items I give him but he won't swallow it. Banana Vanilla pudding is the only thing he will "eat" at the moment. He scoops it out of his mouth constantly as soon as he has had the pleasure of tasting it either with his hands or a chewey sometimes even the bib.

Changing the texture or thickness of feeds is not an option as I said he has extremely severe oral sensory and feeding issues. I have actually yet to hear of a child as severe as him but I am sure there is someone out there worse off.

SLP thought it was sensory and tried the Z-vibe and that sent him into a sensory meltdown before even getting it into his mouth. The noise scares him. SLP is stumped and so am I so unless we figure out how to get over this hump therapy has completely stalled. SLP is going to ask other SLP's in her department but I'm not feeling confident their ideas are going to be much better so thought I might try to find some more ideas. At this point I am willing to try even a long shot.

FYI we know he can swallow but he has not been able to swallow enough to do a swallow study and the one time we attempted it any way (had to try as requirement to even start therapy at this hospital) he had an epic sensory meltdown even the SLP performing the test was shocked at the intensity of it. All I can say is the ER x-rays his lungs every time he presents with vomiting and the x-ray always is clear so if he aspirates it can't be very much.

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